As a GP Practice, you will already be extra vigilant when dealing with patients who are vulnerable to this virus. Using your Engage Consult platform, did you know you could add a ‘Custom Question’ to identify patients who might be affected?

For example:

“Have you recently travelled directly from Wuhan, China or come into contact with someone who you believe may have?”

You can choose to display to patients immediately after selecting whether their reason for contact is new or existing, after selecting their complaint or at the end of
the questionnaire.

To do this, go to Engage Consult settings with your ‘My Wiggly Amps’ site and navigate to ICE and/or Custom Questions:

In addition to this, you may wish to signpost the NHS guidelines on Coronavirus through your Engage Connect portal.

Just go to Engage Connect Settings within your MyEHS and add a button under Settings.

If you would like any assistance with setting these up, please contact our Support Team who will be more than happy to help:
01263 834648

Stay safe and in good health
Engage Health Team