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Patient check-in screens with touch and mobile functionality (coming soon) to enhance the patient arrival experience.

Engage Health Systems - patient check in software
Engage Touch - Patient check in software

Engage Touch – Patient Check-in Software Solutions

Engage Touch produces touchscreens with check-in software, which can be purchased separately depending on your requirement. The touchscreen is a standalone PC running windows 10. Each display is proudly made here in Norfolk and comes with a wipe clean surface for infection control. Screens have been procured by NHS CCGs, NHS CSUs, NHS HealthBoards, and individual practices across the UK. Due to our robust design, our screens have been purchased by HM Prison Service. With our easy and smooth check-in software, we have successfully checked in over 69 million patients. 

We have a number of resources available in our Educational Hub which includes useful documents, how to videos and various policies.

Key Features

  • Integrate with EMIS, Vision and Systmone

  • Lifetime hardware warranty on touchscreens inc with your annual subscription

  • QOF capture

  • Flu jab reminders

  • Patient contact detail confirmation

  • Patient check in with multiple languages

  • Personalised messages to patients on an individual, clinician, and practice level

  • Friends and Family Test with report viewing


“It is a quick and easy way to make a request that the surgery can deal with in their own time.”

“Very quick for routine query. I rang the surgery but was 19th in the queue so opted to try this service instead as my need was non urgent..”

Patient, Engage Consult

“Quicker than queuing at 830 on the phone and the receptionist gets back to you promptly”

User, Engage Consult

“Engage Consult is a fantastic vehicle to take you places. Where that place is, is up to you the driver. You may just want an electronic front door to the surgery, or perhaps you want a fully integrated question engine that can save you time through automated history taking, electronic triage, and messaging. Engage Consult can be customised to get you where you want to go. Like all journeys, don’t think that you’ll get there overnight. It takes a while to plan, embed and benefit. But take courage from those further on that it’s worth it”

“All the clinicians in the practice talked about it and I have to say we were dubious to start with and we had one enthusiast which was not me, we decided to implement it and give a try, it seems to have worked well and we’ve had no negative comments whatsoever and it’s even converted me, thinking this could be useful. Although I wouldn’t necessarily admit to that”

User, Engage Consult

“We’re very pleased with the Engage Touch screens. They are much easier to use than our old ones. During busy flu clinic season, the screens have really helped take the pressure off reception staff”

“The touchscreen and patient check in software  is working a treat and we wish we had got it years ago!”

Theresa Cameron , Practice Manager, Newland Medical Practice

“The screens and patient check in software are great and patients are happier as they don’t have to stand in a queue to check in”

Tracey Humphries, Patient Services Manager, Laurie Pike Health Centre

“We’ve used a number of Engage Health (Wiggly-Amps) products including the patient check in software over the years and always been extremely happy with the service we’ve received. We wouldn’t want to be without our touchscreen. It’s straightforward and simple to use. 95% of our FFT is completed through the touchscreen”

Siobhan Gorman, Practice Manager, Pickering Medical Practice

“The product & service of the Engage Touch, patient check in software we’ve received has been excellent”

Jane Kirkwood, Assistant Practice Manager, New Wokingham Road Surgery

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you personally for the work you did so quickly to get us up and running with Engage Consult.  Our doctors and patients are beginning to use it more frequently and it has meant that we are getting less pictures through our email account which means the picture goes on the right patient record.  Thank you for responding so efficiently with our request to get us up and active.

Nicky Hall, , Practice Manager, Asplands Medical Centre

When having concerns about a distinctive rash on my leg, I uploaded information through the Engage Consult system and a doctor rang me back within the hour. Early diagnosis has potentially saved me from a hospital visit so I am extremely grateful for the efficient service through the system and also the quick diagnosis I received from the GP.

Patient, Engage Consult , Oaklands, Health Centre
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