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What is Engage Consult?

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Engage Consult is a powerful online medical-history taking tool which allows the patient to provide the surgery with a detailed, well-structured report on their symptoms – in their own time, not the GP’s.

Engage Consult symptom questions come from Instant Medical History (IMH), a long-established and very powerful database application, developed over some 20 years by leading clinicians and world-experts in computer based interviewing. IMH uses branched logic – meaning that questions asked take into account previous individual patient answers. No two questionnaires are ever necessarily the same. Click here to learn more about IMH.

Engage Consult is accessed directly from the practice website, via any web-enabled device. Once the patient (or carer) has completed their questionnaire, the Engage Consult summary report is sent securely to the practice via a secure nhs.net email address or via secure messaging. Secure messaging, along with practice work flow is delivered for Engage Consult by Engage Health Systems’ EnCompass LT platform.

Engage Consult also effectively signposts patients to alternative care options such as self-care resources, pharmacy as well as services such as out of hours and 111. Practices can easily configure all patient messages via their MyWigglyAmps console to reflect their working practices. Messages seen by patients change dynamically depending on whether they contact the practice in or out of surgery hours.

Evidence clearly suggests that GPs can reap real productivity gains from using Engage Consult to support clinical decision making-decision making – about 30% of time saved on average when compared with face to face consulting.

How does Engage Consult work?

Workflow and secure messaging

With EnCompass LT,  Engage Consult reports can be moved very easily between different groups within the practice (e.g. reception, GPs, nurses), commented upon, actioned and attached to the patient record. A secure message can be sent back to the patient. EnCompass LT also offers easy click-of-a-button attachment of the report into the patient record for all principal clinical systems.


Engage Consult is able to effectively steer patients to alternative care options such as pharmacies, self-care resources and additional services such as 111 and out-of-hours. Using the MyWigglyAmps console, practices can configure patient messages to reflect their working practices which means that patients are able to view messages which change accordingly, depending on whether patients are contacting the practice in or out of normal surgery hours.

Engage Consult is the ONLY online consultation system that:

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Engage Consult is available for an 8 week evaluation trial period.