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Engage Touch Plus  – Patient health screen

Engage Touch Plus is the perfect waiting area system to assist your patients to book themselves in for consultations, in addition to acquiring and efficiently documenting their blood pressure and weight information.

Engage Touch Plus helps to alleviate pressure on nurses who would ordinarily perform these health checks, as the system is able to Code the Blood Pressure and weight results directly into the patients’ file.

Engage Touch Plus enables patients to check in for their own appointments which helps to alleviate the pressure from reception. Blood pressure and weight results can also be taken and recorded accurately onto the patients medical records.

The patient is guided through a group of questions in order to confirm their identity. The Engage Touch Plus system then marks the patient as checked in for his/her scheduled appointment and, if you desire, can then go on to ask for details regarding information such as smoking or carer status.

Empowering patients to undertake simple health checks is a great feature and make Engage Touch plus stand out and above typical check in touch screens. Patients are able to use the Engage Touch Plus software to record their weight and blood pressure without the need of an appointment with a nurse, GP or healthcare professional.

Engage Touch Plus makes use of A&D blood pressure monitors recognised by the British Hypertension Society and medical weighing machines to precisely record the patient’s data. Engage Health Systems are able to supply approved clinical scales and blood pressure monitors for you. Alternatively, if your practice currently has it’s own suitable scales or blood pressure monitor, we can plug these into the Engage Touch Plus platform.

Patients are guided through a step-by-step process explaining how to use the equipment. Once the patient has used the equipment, Engage Touch Plus records the data accurately and securely against their file. In the event of a high blood pressure reading, a notification will be sent to a trained individual to review and action.

If you wish to create a private area in your waiting rooms where patients can use the Engage Touch Plus system to record their BP and weight, Engage Health Systems are able to offer both privacy booths and screens.

How does Engage Touch Plus work?


Engage Touch Plus patient check in screens are incredibly dependable. As we create and develop both the patient check in screens hardware and software, we acknowledge exactly how solid they truly are. In the unfortunate event something does go awry, here is how we are able to assist:

  • 24/7 accessibility to user-friendly, step-by-step, online troubleshooting support
  • give us a call on 01263 834648 during UK business hours and our dedicated support team will diagnose and endeavour to remotely rectify the fault.
  • we have the capability to dial-in remotely whilst your Engage Touch Plus is in place which will assist us in quickly and efficiently resolving and repairing any software problems
  • if the hardware is to fault, we will arrange to deliver a “free” Engage Touch Plus check in screen


The Engage Touch Plus patient health check touch screen is comprised of:

Engage Touch patient self check in screen

Engage Touch Plus software

Full integration with your clinical system

Compatible Blood Pressure monitor

Clinical weighing scales

The initial cost of this product is £4000 +VAT inc 1 year support

Our Engage Support Package costs £300+VAT per year thereafter.

Key features of Engage Touch – patient touch screen kiosk


‘We’ve been more than happy with the screen, it’s freed up time at the desk so our receptionists can deal with the more complex queries, there are fewer queues meaning that patients are able to check in on time.’

Helen Harrison, Drs Barsby & Kallarackel

‘We have been very pleased with the touch screen. Whilst you will always get the hard core of people who do not wish to use it has been a very useful addition and the receptionists have undoubtedly benefited.’

Kevin Bernard, Practice Manager, Botesdale Health Centre

‘We have been very happy with the Wiggly Amps touch screen, which has been in place for almost 2 years now. Our patients all love the convenience and it has freed up reception time to spend on more productive work. Also the early morning rush of patients booking appointments is now much easier to manage as we do not have patients trying to get to the receptionist at the same time to book in.

We have not had much need to call for help with the touch screen as it has proved very reliable but the service for our website and the little green (panic) button is some of the best I have experienced – always helpful, friendly and quick. Keep up the good work!’

Mary Hiscock, Deputy Practice Manager, The Stansted Surgery

‘We are very happy with the Patient Entry Touch Screen, despite the initial scepticism from some staff and a few patients it has been a great success. We have had a couple of patients who feel they are loosing the personal touch and they still check in using the receptionist. The vast majority of patients seem more than happy to use the system and some of our older patients embraced the change with real enthusiasm. We have used it to advertise our flu clinics and regularly use it to notify patients if a doctor is running behind, all in all you could say we are very pleased and would certainly recommend the system.’

Debbie Harrison, Practice Manager, The Danby Surgery

‘The introduction of the touch screen at the practice has been a god send. It has taken pressure of the reception desk and is quick and easy to use. Patients were hesitant at first but now they think it is fantastic as if they have an appointment they come straight in and use the touch screen without having to queue.’

Richard Frier, Manager, Old Coulsdon Medical Practice

‘The patient touchscreen certainly takes the pressure off the receptionists, who now have more time to address patient queries and phone calls. Most patients are willing and happy to use the system, and it is helpful to add a generic message that all patients can see when they book in, for example about booking flu appointments once the flu season starts.’

Mrs Sue Daniel, Computer Manager, Dr Diana Stevens & Partners

Arrange a demonstration

A one to one online demonstration can be arranged for you and your team by calling 01263 888 330