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These documents should be used to help you launch Engage Consult.  Given the pressure for practices to launch online consultations as quickly as possible there are some things that you can come back to at a later date when the current emergency has passed.  

With this in mind we’ve marked those documents/downloads that you must use as Instruction Documents 1

Implementation Overview Instruction Documents 2

This is a graphical overview of the implementation process to help you understand the key stages.  There’s one document explaining the Unassisted process and one for the Assisted process.

Download (Assisted)

Download (Unassisted)

Essential Launch Checklist Instruction Documents 2

As practices are under pressure to launch online consultations as quickly as possible (because of Covid-19) we’ve created this checklist of essential steps you need to take to launch Engage Consult.


Implementation Timeline

A timeline to help you plan your implementation of Engage Consult.  You can revisit this when the current emergency with Covid-19 has passed if you’re too busy at the moment.


Implementation Checklist

A useful checklist to help you through the implementation stage of Engage Consult. If you have any further questions about implementation, please speak to Julia Smith, our Implementation Manager []


Implementation Workbook

A workbook to help you plan your implementation of Engage Consult.  You can revisit this when the current emergency with Covid-19 has passed if you’re too busy at the moment.


Promotional Materials

How to order promotional materials for your surgery including posters, leaflets, roll up banners, and appointment cards.  You can revisit this when the current emergency with Covid-19 has passed if you’re too busy at the moment, especially as you’re discouraging patients from attending the practice.  Check this.

To Follow

Setting Up Video Consultations Instruction Documents 2

View our helpful guide to find out how you can set up and enable video consultation in Engage Consult.


Website Banners Instruction Documents 2

There are a number of website banners here.  Please either select the Engage Consult Banners or, if you can see your CCG listed, please download that item as this will contain the banners your CCG wants you to use. Please ensure you add the ‘alt text’ to the image when its uploaded. 

Download (Standard banners, non CCG specific)

Download (North Lincolnshire CCG, North East Lincolnshire CCG, Hull CCG, East Riding CCG, Vale of York CCG, Scarborough & Rydale CCG, Hambleton Richmondshire & Whitby CCG)

Download (Calderdale CCG, North Kirklees CCG, Wakefield CCG)

Updating your website to include the Engage Consult Popup Banner Instruction Documents 2

To help patients you can now download a popup banner, for Engage Consult, on your website.


Ongoing Support and Training Instruction Documents 2

This document explains how to get help from our support team and how you can access additional training for your teams. 


This how to guide show you how to access Engage Consult remotely.


Top Ten Tips for Conducting Video Consultations

This document offers our top tips for conducting online video consultations in Engage Consult.


Total Triage – making it work for you!

This document explains how to make Engage Consult ‘total triage’ work for you.


Total Triage – Setup Guide


Engaging Patients and Carers

Communications and Engagement Plan Instruction Documents 2

Communicating with, and engaging patients is crucial to the success of online consultations.  This plan outlines the steps you can take to maximise the number of patients using online consultations.


Communications and Engagement Toolkit Instruction Documents 2

This toolkit contains ideas and examples of how to communicate to patients about online consultations.  Everything from updating your phone messages to sending a SMS and social media is covered.


Video for Reception Screens

This is a short animation which you can put on your reception screens to promote online consultations.  There’s a full HD version and a version for screens that don’t support full HD.

Download (Low Resolution 720p)

Download (High Definition 1080p)

Familiarising Staff with the Patient’s Journey Instruction Documents 2

An explanation of how staff can better understand the patient’s journey using Engage Consult.


Key Messages for Patients and Carers Instruction Documents 2

A sample of key messages that staff can use when they speak to people about using online consultations.


Patient Leaflets

Some leaflets which you can give (or send) to patients explaining how to use Engage Consult.  You can also put them on your website for patients to download.

Download (Patient Guide No 1. How to sign up for Online Consultations with Engage Consult. April 2020)

Download (Patient Guide No 2. How to send an online message to your GP Practice. April 2020)

Download (Patient Guide No.3 – A Guide for Carers)

Top Ten Tips for Promoting Engage Consult

Our handy guide takes you through the top ten tips to help you promote Engage Consult to Patients and Carers.  


NHS Login Marketing Materials for your Practice

We’ve designed some helpful digital marketing content that you can use on your own Practice website and share with your patients on your social media channels. Simply click on one of the links below, once open, right click on the image and select ‘save image as’ and use across your communication channels. Please get in contact with our Marketing Team if you require any further NHS Login materials. 

Web Banner

Social Media Post Did You Know? – Facebook

Social Media Post Did You Know? – Twitter

Social Media Post Video Demo – Faceboook

Social Media Post Video Demo – Twitter

Video demo for your Practice website – please email our marketing team and we will send you ana MP3 or WMV file that you can upload to your website and share with your patients.

How to Increase Engage Consult with your Patients

This document will explain how Engage Consult can support practices using a ‘Total Triage’ model and increase the use of online consultations with your patients.


Important Information for Care Homes

Practice Instructions – Care Home Guide 

This document will explain how to use Engage Consult with Care and Residential Homes and outlines everything your practice needs to do to get started.


Care Home Manager – Introductory Letter 

This introductory letter from Engage Consult can be sent to your chosen Care or Residential Home to inform them of our online consultation service and the steps they need to take to set up an account.


Engage Consult – A Guide for Care and Residential Homes

A comprehensive and easy to follow guide created for Care and Residential Home Managers to explain the Engage Consult service and how to get started with online consultations.


Engage Consult – Important Information for Practices: Upcoming Bank Holidays 25th, 28th December 2020 and 1st January 2021

As most GP Practices will be closed during the Christmas and New Year Bank Holidays, we wanted to make sure you are aware how to make your Engage Consult service ‘out of hours’ for these days only. To make these simple changes, please download and follow the steps in our helpful guide.


Other Documents

Supplier Asserted Integrations for Engage Consult – Digital First, Online Consultation and Video Consultation (DFCOVC Framework)

Supplier Asserted Integrations for Engage CRS – Digital First, Online Consultation and Video Consultation (DFCOVC Framework)

Download (Installation and set up guide – Engage Consult EnCompass LT for Emis Web)

Download (Installation and set up guide – Engage Consult EnCompass LT for SystmOne)


Download (User guide – Engage Consult EnCompass LT for Emis Web)

Download (User guide – Engage Consult EnCompass LT for SystmOne)

Download (Engage Consult Capabilities Document)

Engage Touch Downloads

Slides from Scottish National Users’ Group Virtual Event – November 2020 

If you missed the event, you can click on the link below to read through the slides we presented on 10 November 2020.



“It is a quick and easy way to make a request that the surgery can deal with in their own time.”

“Very quick for routine query. I rang the surgery but was 19th in the queue so opted to try this service instead as my need was non urgent..”

Patient, Engage Consult

“Quicker than queuing at 830 on the phone and the receptionist gets back to you promptly”

User, Engage Consult

“Engage Consult is a fantastic vehicle to take you places. Where that place is, is up to you the driver. You may just want an electronic front door to the surgery, or perhaps you want a fully integrated question engine that can save you time through automated history taking, electronic triage, and messaging. Engage Consult can be customised to get you where you want to go. Like all journeys, don’t think that you’ll get there overnight. It takes a while to plan, embed and benefit. But take courage from those further on that it’s worth it”

“All the clinicians in the practice talked about it and I have to say we were dubious to start with and we had one enthusiast which was not me, we decided to implement it and give a try, it seems to have worked well and we’ve had no negative comments whatsoever and it’s even converted me, thinking this could be useful. Although I wouldn’t necessarily admit to that”

User, Engage Consult

“We’re very pleased with the Engage Touch screens. They are much easier to use than our old ones. During busy flu clinic season, the screens have really helped take the pressure off reception staff”

“The touchscreen and patient check in software  is working a treat and we wish we had got it years ago!”

Theresa Cameron , Practice Manager, Newland Medical Practice

“The screens and patient check in software are great and patients are happier as they don’t have to stand in a queue to check in”

Tracey Humphries, Patient Services Manager, Laurie Pike Health Centre

“We’ve used a number of Engage Health (Wiggly-Amps) products including the patient check in software over the years and always been extremely happy with the service we’ve received. We wouldn’t want to be without our touchscreen. It’s straightforward and simple to use. 95% of our FFT is completed through the touchscreen”

Siobhan Gorman, Practice Manager, Pickering Medical Practice

“The product & service of the Engage Touch, patient check in software we’ve received has been excellent”

Jane Kirkwood, Assistant Practice Manager, New Wokingham Road Surgery

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you personally for the work you did so quickly to get us up and running with Engage Consult.  Our doctors and patients are beginning to use it more frequently and it has meant that we are getting less pictures through our email account which means the picture goes on the right patient record.  Thank you for responding so efficiently with our request to get us up and active.

Nicky Hall, , Practice Manager, Asplands Medical Centre

When having concerns about a distinctive rash on my leg, I uploaded information through the Engage Consult system and a doctor rang me back within the hour. Early diagnosis has potentially saved me from a hospital visit so I am extremely grateful for the efficient service through the system and also the quick diagnosis I received from the GP.

Patient, Engage Consult , Oaklands, Health Centre
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