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About Engage Health Systems Ltd

Engage Health Systems Ltd is a technology company specialising in healthcare with a vision to
Connect Patients and Clinicians

Under the Engage umbrella, we provide a range of Patient Facing Services to the NHS to empower patients and support clinicians including:

Engage Consult – DPS approved online consultation (e-consultation) platform that uses Instant Medical History to gather structured information about non-urgent medical conditions in order to support clinical decision making

Engage Touch – Patient check in touch screen fully integrated with the main clinical suppliers with over 45 million successful patient check in. 

Engage Touch Plus – Patient health touch screen with added integration with British Society of Hypertension approved BP monitors and weighing scales which Read codes readings directly into a patient’s medical record and highlights patients who require further investigation.  Integration with atrial fibrillation detection and height are on the product roadmap.

Our heritage is rooted in the life and work of General Practice. We started off as Wiggly-Amps originally providing IT support services to GPs in our local area, eventually managing primary care IT support for the whole of North Norfolk.  We spent this time really getting to know GPs, Practice Managers and the day-to-day issues they faced.  After the acquisition of Wiggly-Amps by Boots in December 2018, we are now known as Engage Health Systems, but we’re still the same friendly team as before.

As part of our commitment to delivering and supporting our products through the complete lifecycle, Engage Health Systems has achieved the following independent and internationally recognised certifications on IT security and quality systems management, as well as:

  • ISB0129: Clinical Risk Management

  • Data Security Protection (DSP) Toolkit

  • IGSoC: Information Governance

  • 8100724466143161


Under Wiggly-Amps, we previously held a number of ISO certifications and whilst still ISO aligned, we are working towards regaining these certifications: 

  • ISO 27001 (2013): Information Technology security techniques – information security management systems

  • ISO 9001(2008): Quality Management Systems

  • ISO 20000-1 (2011): Information Technology – service management, part 1: service management system requirements


Our services are available to procure from the GPSoC and G-Cloud framework. Through our Lot 1 offering, we have been independently audited and assessed by NHS Digital.

Engage Health Systems is an active member of the following NHS Digital working groups:

  • GPSoC Assurance Steering Group

  • Domain C Advisory Group

  • Patient online stakeholder forum

  • SNOMED Implementation Forum

  • Digital Health And Care Alliance (DHACA)

In addition to this, we take a keen interest in Spine, ITK/MIG, GP Connect, Endeavor CIM, NHS Login and a range of other technologies in order to Connect Patients and Clinicians.