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About Instant Medical History (IMH)

IMH is an established and robust computer-patient interviewing system that uses branched logic to pose clinically appropriate questions relevant to age and gender from a vast database of potential symptom questions

Patients record their responses to a series of multiple choice questions, where each question asked will depend upon the answer given to the previous question. This is a genuine “history taking” approach starting with a problem (or problems), rather than the completing of protocol based flat-file questionnaires that essentially require the patient to self-diagnose the presenting condition from the outset, and which do not respond dynamically or intelligently to answers provided by the patient.

Built by leading clinicians and world-class experts in computer based interviewing, IMH has been developed for well over nearly 20 years and now has tens of thousands of questions in a dedicated database covering thousands of entry points.

The vast majority of questionnaires completed by the patient take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. A major feature of IMH are the built-in peer reviewed scales and standard instruments which are provided as referenced  materials appended to the output report. Whilst the patient may be unaware that they are answering questions relating to a specific scale or instrument, the relevant answers in the IMH report are structured to clearly reference the scale used. This has many applications and automatically gathers such things as GAD-7 and PHQ-9 scores; Incorporating the Asthma control score and other such scores will facilitate Chronic Disease Management and there are also scores to help with medications management and falls assessment, to name but a few areas covered.

The IMH report is highly structured and easily read and understood by the clinician. Feedback suggests that in the vast majority of cases, clinicians take little more than a minute to absorb the information they need to decide upon next steps – see, call, prescribe, refer, etc.

Engage Health Systems Ltd. has hosted IMH in the UK since 2007 and delivers its services to the following product available in the EU:


IMH is widely used in the USA as an embedded element of many of the leading Electronic Patient Record systems. It has been widely used and independently championed  by Dr John. W Bachman, MD at the renowned Mayo Clinic, as well as being used at many other leading institutions.

Further information

A Plymouth University webinar hosted by Ray Jones, Professor of Health Informatics at Plymouth University and featuring Dr Allen R. Wenner, MD & Vice President for Clinical Applications Design, Instant Medical History.

A presentation given by Dr Richard Sills, Adviser to Engage Health Systems and long-term representative of IMH in the UK, on the value of computer patient interviewing on pilot health assessment.

More case studies and academic papers about IMH and computer-based interviewing in general.

For more clinical information about IMH and computer patient interviewing, contact Dr Richard Sills at richard.sills@engagehealth.uk

Patient consultations

What patients say about IMH

Patients liked it, they found it easy to use and the barriers about getting hold of their physician dropped immediately.

Professor John Bachman, Professor of Family Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Fantastic! I could not get such a detailed history in the 10 minutes I have to see the patient.  Asks all the relevant questions and presents it in a quick easy to read format. Brilliant.

Dr Nadeem Ahmed, GP, Haughton Thornley Medical Centres

The initial results show an overwhelming success, with superb patient experience so far.

Dr Amir Hannan, NHS North West